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Vedic Astrology

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Astrological Free Services:-

Automatic Generated Free services in this Website:

  • Free Hora Chart/Horoscope based on birth details.
  • Free Vasthu Location Check based on Location and person name.
  • Free Numerology calculation.
  • Free Marriage Match with different options. It helps to take decision yourself based on all required informations are given automatically by generated Marriage match.
  • Free Homam day selection to get more Auspecious as expected way.

General Prediction - Methods:

1. Vedic Astrology based on Birth Chart -

Vedic Astrology predictions are made based on combination of 9 planets(Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu) and 12 zodiac signs in Birth Chart. It extends further Navamsam, Treash Kona chart. Dasa Bukthi also plays big role in chart. To get best prediction results accurate Birth details are more important. There are hundreds of yogas like Raja Yoga, Dhana Yoga, Lakshmi Yoga, Saraswathi Yoga, Maha pancha purusha Yogas, etc., are derived by combination of planets, etc.,

2. KP System based on Time Chart and Birth chart -

KP - Krishnamurthy Padhathi, This is mainly used for events(good/bad) happens when aproximately. To get accurate prediction for accurate birth time, it mainly deals with Star lord, Star Sub lord, etc along with Dasa bukthi relation.

3. Prasna(Question/Prasanna) Astrology based on Instant Time Chart -

Prasna means question. This is based on instant chart at the time when customer start raising question. Only one question can be acceptable per day based on shastra. This is focus on events/incidents that are happens or not, it is like 'Yes/No' type answers.

4. Methods that are not required Birth chart -

a. Vasthu for House, Land, Commercial, Properties, etc.,

Vasthu makes Auspecious and happiness in home or in property, etc., Initially it deals with location matches to person name, then choose land (or) house (or) commercial shops/malls (or) construction of property, etc., based on Vasthu Architecture. Water related options like Well, Bore, river, etc are considered as part of Vasthu.

b. Samudhrika Lakshanam based on face reading ..

Samudhrika Lakshnam (Face reading and body language) just to know person character, behaviour, status, etc.,

c. Sakuna Sasthram, etc.,

This deals with Events/Incidents based on Sakunam ..